Enano Maldito


He’s a Designer who loves graphics, pixels and animation. He has a Post-production Director profile, combining and mixing knowledge, digital techniques and VFX resources in order to infuse personality and style to each audiovisual piece. Design is the main ingredient of every one of his projects.


With almost ten years of experience directing in the audiovisual field and a fluent management of the advertising language, she’s become so versatile that is able to visualize different styles of pieces. In each one of them, she manages to maximize and illustrate the idea in the most attractive and creative way. She’s got a passionate, well trained eye, and thus she knows what she wants and is able to work comfortably, nurtured by her team’s talent and achieving the best final result for every piece. Maite is constantly on the move trying to be in touch with visual and musical tendencies, technical and narrative resources and this allows her to be constantly inspired in order to give shape to the projects she develops.